by The Gorilla

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3 meditative rock n roll improvisations


released September 5, 2012




The Gorilla New York, New York

Musician, Actor, Director, Designer, and Artistic Director of St Fortune theater collective.


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Track Name: Taste v. What I Should Be Doing
You might be a little small
for my taste at all.
Firefly eyes can see so far,
"One day is fine as the grass is tall"

All Up and On and On, Up and Down

Memories'll get you whatever you're after.
Put in the kind of bricks in the kitchen after.
Cooking on the oven way too high,
You should tell that chicken with a knife.
It's all right.
I'm okay.
Don't look back!!:)

I'm tryin to lose some tons
Water weight has just begun
If you wanna lose that itch
You better scratch that bitch
Come on the scene.
Breaking my dream.
Open the back.
Lay in the track. :):):)
Track Name: Deeds
You're pickin up all my dirty napkins now.
Stay close to the candle so you see the lights, man!
I'm lookin over my shoulder for the flame to die.
But be careful while I tell you all about my charm.

I'm talkin about those evil deeds that Nietzsche said are
just around the corner.
But you're gonna, you're gonna do wrong to me.
That's just my way of thinking about you.

Oh, but when we met
Oh, the times we kissed
Oh, break up on me
I'll remember it for free.

If only the best
It don't mean the best
Track Name: I've Had A Few
Shoulda been alive
When I woke up
in the middle of the night.
Coulda called out my dream
when awaken'd the steam;
When I looked at the changing pattern.

Shoulda been alive.
Coulda cut the grind.
Then I woulda put on and made eggs slowly.
Come again or pretold 'gain,
when an embued belonging
Put upon my wall...