by The Gorilla

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Sometimes auto-tuned, otherwise slow & contemplative, made in the carpets of people's homes.


released March 9, 2012




The Gorilla New York, New York

Musician, Actor, Director, Designer, and Artistic Director of St Fortune theater collective.


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Track Name: Holy Holy
He nailed his temptation onto the wall
He did.
He bit just enough off for himself,
he gave the rest away, the rest away.

Isn't it too much to ask if you bite off more than you can chew?
While I take the rest from you?

You break the bank again.
He opened an account.
But, with only his bones and his skin.
He didn't have money.
He didn't have money.
He didn't have any money at all.

He noticed a nickel on his shoe….

Isn't it strange when the heads up is good luck,
when your bad choices have come
to bite too much off,
more than they can chew?
More than he could chew.
Track Name: Waiting
Waiting is hard to do when you're saying, "yes" and "no" to prospects.
Kicking dust in sand dunes, covered withal.

Patience is a double-edged sword.
Sitting can be boring without nothing to feel left in.
Track Name: Margueline
Margueline, full of grace
seen with God upon her face.

Bring us home to your holy day!

She sits upright, when eating well
and wishing whilst the morning bells.
who speaks of sight, beyond learned sight;
whose pools and stirs ripple under our cast across't night.

Margueline, I've seen her face,
and what wonder believe! 'twas full of grace.
who speaks of sight, beyond learned sight;
whose pools and stirs ripple under our cast across't night.

Bring us home to your holy day!
Track Name: Soft Ground
I want to live where I can hear the rain fall on soft ground.
I've had enough of waking up at home.
It's time to make some changes, now.

It's not that I don't love this place -- I do.
But I have found my longing oft & gone.
You say you love me, anyhow.

Two peas in a pod can live in the garden where the bugs don't get you and the sun shines all the time, except for when it's raining.
And it's never raining in the mountains, where the trees are blocking the view of the clouds but not you.
Track Name: Gaia
who could
know me better?
you could
learn much better!
shoe could
fit the foot the first time.

in lieu of all this, you'll be fine too.

and you forget it not,
the words tie themselves in a knot
say something you're not ought
turn around, you've been caught.
do what you might not aught.
Track Name: City of Moss
Layful into garden's wood,
i have created my own colors
by pruning thoughts and circling winds.
then my op'ning nest is borne
from the clay and mud beneath
there were roots what now lays stone
and my stone has cast away all insects
for the ants are paving my roads.

Subtle bridges made of grasses,
finer than the melting water
stretch my arms and legs much wider
than the ropes on which i swing.
Golden irises of fire
blinding binding billowing
comfort in my mother's kisses
finding who i come to be.

I built my towers out of roses,
holding flowers in my hands
but they have fallen by the hour
making towers turn to petals
and then petals twist in the wind
and the wind blows in a moment
faster than my falling towers
breaking my garden temple's bed.